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planning and designing events for private and corporate clients


Before launching her own company (Cazares Design, est. 1988), Pauline Cazares worked at a large grocery chain, where she competed in an in-house competition to create the best merchandising display for Frito Lay products. During this project, which she won, she discovered a unique talent and love for aesthetic design. Over the next 25 years, she would go on to apply her creative genius to a wide array of professional assignments.

Despite her corporate level clientele, she still finds joy in fostering a love of art in children through cultural workshops.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Floral Design, Isabella Coleman Trophy Winner, Sierra Mare Float Assocation Floral Design, Fantasy Trophy Winner, City of South Pasadena Float Lead Decorator, Hollywood Bowl Cultural Consultant, Weezer Rock Video "Island in the Sun" Video Production, Themed Merchandising Design Coordinator, California State Parks Director of PR, El Pueblo Historic Monument


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